Thursday, July 3, 2008

Recent treasures...

I love it when other bloggers show the treasures they have found on their latest jaunts to thrift stores and yard sales. I thought since I was new to this that I would share some things I have found in the last few weeks......

Here are some close ups. I have found some great stuff and this isn't even all of it. Don't you just love the shabby chic finish of the chair? It was $5! My mom asked me what color I was going to paint it. I think it is just perfect as is. It came from Mattie's house. I don't know Mattie but there was an estate sale at her house just a few miles up the road from me. The blue and white plate was hers too. Apparently it was her favorite. I love things with a story. The orange pyrex bowls came from the beach house of an old couple I met at a little flea market over the weekend. The nice lady told me they used them all the time. I promised her they were going to a loving home. All three- $1.75!

I promise to show more soon and also pictures of the inside of my house.

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Kim's Treasures said...

Well hello BellaDella with the same name as me! That is funny! And I have another name very similar to yours too...bellamamav.
I am in love with your house and little store! You have found some wonderful treasures...I would love to find treasures like yours! You have a really nice blog...I have only been blogging for about a month myself. I will add you to my favorites and when I update my blog again, I'll be sure to add you there too!
Have a great day and happpy treasure hunting!