Sunday, July 6, 2008

My long weekend...

I hope everyone had a nice long holiday weekend. The 4th was quiet around here. My husband works weird hours and spent most of the day sleeping and getting ready for his shift on Saturday. We did grill some hamburgers and hotdogs. I don't think it is officially the 4th until you throw something on the grill. No fireworks for us. Although I did go outside at 9:30 pm to take a peak. I could hear them all around- that and the cows mooing in the fields around us. I love the country. Mixed with the twinkles of lightening bugs- just perfect.

Saturday was filled with a few yard sales. They were a bust I am afraid. And the Goodwill store here looked like it has been wiped out. I did a little shopping and went to visit my parents and brother. My parents live on my dad's family's homeplace and we went up to the old tobacco barn to "steal" some tobacco sticks and I found a few old jars. We use the old barn for storage now. I spied my old doll cradle. Mom braved the spiders and probably some snakes (sorry Mom) to grab it for me. It's sitting in the general store with the jars waiting to be cleaned.

So, now it is Sunday night and I am happy to report that I have one more day off before I return to work. Tomorrow is my one year wedding anniversary. My husband and I are going to Busch Gardens Williamsburg to celebrate. I can't wait. It's one of our most favorite places. I can't believe we have been married a year. Happy Anniversary to my sweet husband! I will post pictures on Tuesday.

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