Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hop to it

Meaning- hurry.

The heat has been extreme here this Summer.

It's created a strange mix of life in slow motion and fast forward. Fast and furious. You can probably put some emphasis on the furious part.

There have been days when I only went outside because it was a requirement to move about the world. Stiffling, really. A prisoner.

That old saying- Hurry up and wait- comes to mind. Do you think that applies?

I hate that feeling.
And my creative juices have become as scarce as the rain.
My camera was gathering dust. There is plenty of that around.

But Tuesday night brought a reprieve- a momentary glimpse of good old July. A breeze. A rain shower. Dusk lighting. And me and my camera. A deep sigh. It was like a jail break.

I walked around the little farm. I sat in the grass. I soaked up the color and noises and creatures instead of the humidity. And I was in a hurry to enjoy it. Again- a mix of fast and slow.



Pokeberry 2

Pokeberry 3

And now it's almost August. One more month of true Summer. There is still a lot of stuff to do. We better hop to it. Hurry before it's gone.

Note: The photos above are pokeberry. It's a plant that is as annoying as the heat but the colors are tremendous.


Denise said...

i have never seen pokeberry. i'm guessing they are not edible. they are bright and pretty.
send some summer rain to california!

Olive Cooper said...

Kim, gald you told me what the plant is cause I do not know it but the photos are stellar. I know what you mean about the heat as I feel listless most days. It is to hot to cook. I woke early and ironed a vintage dress for a small child but it was still icky. Have a splendid weekend♥olive

Rambling Girl said...

Beautiful pictures and yes I know eactly what you mean by the weather...This heat is just plan dreadful! I don't have any energy to do anything but lay around in the house when I get home.

Deep in the Heart of Happy said...

Love the pictures!! The Delta Zeta in me adores the combination of Pink and Green.

Kim's Treasures said...

So beautiful! I know what you mean about the heat! My daughter's wedding on Saturday...90+ degrees and 90% humidity for an outdoor wedding in a facility with no air except for giant sliding windows (Floor to ceiling) but no breeze by the end of the night. We roasted, cakes melted...but it was still amazingly beautiful. Posting pics soon!

Have a great night!

AngieB said...

Here I've been cursing the poke that grows a foot a day while eVerything else wilts in the heat. And you go out and photograph it and show me how beautiful it really is - THANK YOU!!!

My name is Gayle said...

I know poke berry and all the childhood warnings not to eat it. Just remember, a weed is simply a misplaced flower and your pictures prove it has beauty too.

C. Dianne Zweig said...

Your words and insights are as beautiful as your photos...what a gift. A pleasure to read your posts always,

Kitsch n Stuff

traci said...

yeah, i am glad it cooled down enough for you to explore with your camera. i just love your photos from around the farm. have a wonderful weekend.

A New England Life said...

Love all the pink and green in nature! Even on that little Katydid, or whatever it is ; )

It has been a long hot summer but here in the northeast we're thankful because the snow will fly soon enough!

Enjoy your moments : )

Farmchick said...

Hi there...
I don't want August to means all my little chicks will be in school...and I have had at least one little chick at home with me for the last 14 years...

We don't have pokeberries here...very pretty!

Come say hi.

Oz Girl said...

The pokeberries are gorgeous even if they are poisonous... and that little grasshopper/katydid photo is beautiful. The colors really sizzle... no pun intended, with the heat and all, lol. Same here, most days 100 or over. I would pass out if I had to work outside, so thankfully the hubby weathers the heat a lil better than I and he's taken care of watering the garden and the horses. :)

tammyCA said...

My goodness what pretty photos...the pink and green and in the!