Monday, July 26, 2010

Always on my list

Old linens.
Old children's rockers.
Old metal colanders.
Handmade pillows.
Vintage printer drawers.


Red rocking chair

Metal Colander

Pretty homemade pillow


These are always on my list.
And I've been lucky lately.
Have you? Have you been finding stuff on your list?


My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

My "list" is everchanging. I never know what treasures I will find. That is why I treasure hunt. You found some great things.

Chrissykat said...

That drawer is the BEST!
No list for me at the room for us let alone any fun treasures. Someday though! And my list will be a loooong one! :)
p.s. How'd the Target run go? Capri's marked down yet?

Theresa said...

I haven't shopped much lately for things on my list, sooooo I'll just take your stuff:)

Love your finds, what is the wooden thing with sections? It would be a really useful item to have.

Enjoy your day!

AngieB said...

I was visiting my aunt last weekend at the family farm and we went to a yard sale at the church I was raised and married in. I bought so much stuff I was afraid it wouldn't all fit in my car! I was thrilled, since I hadn't had a good "find" in a long time.

Mindy said...

Since the first item on my list is: Clean house before you bring anything else home, I'm not doing so hot. I love your finds though!

Olive Cooper said...

Kim, I have a vintage colander just like yours...the stars are so graphic. My list is short right now but I will buy just about anything old that has great bones or patina. Also vintage lines are sweet. I am looking for a medium size old foot stool with nice legs. Have a splendid week♥olive

Cheyenne said...

You lucky bum, I LOVE that rocker. That old store you are fixin on-is it going to be filled with your treasures someday?

Farmchick said...

Love that printer drawer!

ChristineM said...

My mom had several printers drawers that she used to display her Wades and other small items....I would love to find some of them! I'm searching for a big Texasware bowl...but it has to be cheap!

Dena said...

I've been banned from collecting a few things that are on my list ;) Hubby says that if I bring in one more lamp he's going to start bringing in garage-y things...but he didn't say anything about quilts, or rooster items so I am good.


Rambling Girl said...

Just finding out what my list is really consisting of lately....One was one I found this week and it is on my blog today...Have you seen any in this pattern with all the great finds you find?