Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Date night

I rushed to get everything done last Friday. I had a date. Dinner and movie.

Yep, had a date. Right about the date- wrong about the time. Sex and the City 2 started at 5:25pm and not 5:10pm. Oops. I never claimed to be good with numbers.

Back to the truck.

So, Plan B. Dinner first then second try at movie. We'd been planning all week to get BBQ at our favorite place. But then we took a little detour to a Chinese place. We walked in to the sounds of vacuums.

Waiter dude- Mam, it will be 25 minutes until we start serving dinner.
Me- (under my breath) Well, maybe lock your door until that momentous occasion.

Back to the truck.

We sat there for 24 minutes and 30 seconds until we decided to get BBQ as planned. Don't ask me to make decisions when my brain is hormonal mush. And I'd proven already my date planning capabilities were seriously lacking.

BBQ was delish.
Back to the truck.
Back to the movies.

Oh- Did I mention that the Fella wasn't exactly excited about my movie selection? He wasn't. But if I can sit through zombies he can stomach Manolo Blahniks and girl talk. He might actually learn something.

So, after mortgaging one 3 liter of soda and medium popcorn, we settled into our seats in theater number 13. I wish I could tell you that I'm not superstitious. I can't. After all, we walked down the isle on 7/7/07 at 7pm. Just sayin.

We tried to ignore the two ladies (and I use that termly loosely) talking through the previews. Chick flick previews. The best kind. These are sacred moments. These are the only moments I will see these movie scenes inside the walls of a theater. You DON'T talk.

This wasn't going well.

The last thing I remember is Julia Roberts enticing me into Eat Pray Love. Soon I would be running away too. And praying.

And then they arrived. You know the type and there were four of them. And they schlepped right to our row. Of course. Giant purses, giant popcorns and the noisiest candy they could find. I knew quickly the only girl talk I'd be listening to was the chatter five seats down.

I couldn't hear Carrie.
I had the SHHHHHH pursed on my lips.

I'd already rolled my eyes 835 times. I swear one day there are going to get stuck and I will perpetually look annoyed...which is probably okay since I am well...perpetually annoyed.

Okay- back to the movie.
Carrie talked.
They talked.
Shhhhh! I might have given an evil eye too (while they weren't rolling).
And whoa- ATTITUDE! (Know that when I see it. Fella too.)
And then the Fella went off.

I never loved him more.
I want to see this movie! He yelled.
I want to hear this movie! He added.
All of it! I came here to see this movie and I am going to see all of it!
Go Fella. Go Fella. Go Fella.

And the Fella marched out and went to find the pre-adolescent wielding the flashlight.

He came in and shushed them too.
He got attitude.

I grabbed my purse, my popcorn and my keg of Pibb and made my dramatic exit.
Four free tickets later we were...

Back to the truck.

And headed to Target for some retail therapy.
I mean, that's what Carrie would do, right?

Date Night


Kim's Treasures said...

Oh man, sorry your date night didn't go as planned! Hope you have a most excellent one soon!

Kim V

AngieB said...

Good for you and your fella for not sitting and fuming! People who are so rude and insensitive to the others around them NEED someone to stand up to them, otherwise they'll just keep annoying the crap out of everyone. You need a do-over for date night, though.

Country Girl said...

Good for you. And good for your man! In fact I am impressed that he even went with you to see it!
How annoying . . . I mean, the entire night! One big annoying, eye-rolling waste of time.

Good one, BD.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

Some days are a total waste of make-up. But then the Fella stood up for you. YAY FOR FELLA!

Lisa said...

Yay for Fella. Those girls probably, sadly, think they're just like the Sex and the City gals.

Olive Cooper said...

Good Fella. You both stood up. Can't stand theses uncivil folk amongst us.


Kat said...

i got tired of the movie talkers too so i decided to stand up so they couldnt see, when they asked me to sit down i replied that i would as soon as they stopped talking. i had to do this 4 times before they got the message, sorry your night was ruined, some people have no common courtesy for anyone.

ladyhawthorne said...

maybe this is why I never go out to movies anymore...that and the high prices.

Low Tide High Style said...

Oh my what a night! But you go girl and kudos to "the fella" too! And yes, Carrie would have gone shopping!

Kat :)

My name is Glenda... said...

Oh, how funny...I mean it wasn't funny, but it was funny, I got tired just reading about your date night escapade..sounds like what might happen with me and hubby on date nite...maybe you wore the wrong outfit...so funny!!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Good for Fella! I think that's wonderful (well, not that he had to explode but that he actually said something.) I went to see Prince of Persia last Sunday, and there was a young smoochie couple behind us and she kept talking for the first 20 min or so. Then finally, quiet!!

traci said...

way to go fella. i have a couple girlfriends who talk through the movie - drives me crazy. i don't like going with them.

Gayle said...

Happened on your blog today and since I laughed outloud the first day I know you're a keeper : )