Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Daisy days

Nostalgia seems to hang in the air as thick as the humidity.

Daisy 2

I took a walk after supper last night. When I was 10 or 11 it would have been a bike ride on the old race path and extra fast past the old bee tree. Honey bees and sometimes some skinned knees.

I might stop and sit on the old concrete steps with my Aunt Rose or on the back porch. Or I might pedal by with just a wave. There was never a plan or destination. Just heat and free time. And bicycles and bare feet.


Last night it was just a simple walk in the field. My field. With the honeysuckle and blackberries. With the daisies.

Daisy bouquet

They remember too.


Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

So sweet and pretty! You instantly conjured up those barefoot and free summer memories... loved this one.

Country Girl said...

Were you wearing your pedal pushers? I had a red pair that I wore all the time. No shoes. Shoes were for sissies.

Olive Cooper said...

Your daisy photos are really spectacular.


Chrissykat said...

Bare feet are the best!

Theresa said...

Beautiful images! Love those daisies! Have a blessed day and thanks for sharing the sweet memories! HUGS!

traci said...

oh kim. you sent me back a few years. thank you. nothing better than summer when your a kid. love the photos.

marge said...

daisies were the flowers at my wedding. ah nostalgia. i think about old bike rides a lot nowadays when i realize i would NEVER let my children disappear for the day to ride around town like i did. have you ever seen "now and then" when they bike ride and sing songs? makes me want a bike with a basket and a bell. ;)

Low Tide High Style said...

Oh I was speeding along on my banana bike with the pink streamers dangling from the handlebars right along with you! And is there anything better than lightning bugs and the scent of sweet honeysuckle on a summers eve?! Gorgeous pics!

Kat :)