Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just a few things, Dad...

He calls me babyduck.
The first thing he noticed when I was born were my tiny ears.
They are still tiny. But they hear a lot.

Barn shadows

He asked me yesterday what things stick out when my brother and I think of him as a dad.

It's not really the individual things. It's what those things add up to...the best dad that two kids could have. I feel it's safe to speak for my brother too. Older sisters tend to do that.

But just a few~

Tractor rides. In your lap or on the wagon.
Following behind you in the garden as you tilled. The cold soil on my bare feet.
Hundreds of phone calls that started- "Dad, I'm having a bad day."
Baseball games.
Word problems.
Ghost stories at the beach.
Riding on your shoulders.
Giving me away- twice!
Sitting in your lap watching football.
Sunday meals after church.
Steakums. Two please with cheese and Heinz 57.
Friday night popcorn.
Mornings before school when no one was allowed to speak to me but you.
Canned sausage on Saturday mornings.
Honeybuns and snickers from the store.
Bringing you iced tea in a jar when you were bushhogging or plowing.
Riding in the green Vega on the way to the beach.
Burning trash.
Playing Super Mario.

I'll think of a million more as soon as this is published. Father's Day is not just one day. It's not just one thing. It's the sum of the man.

Happy Father's Day. Love you more than you know. And I'm beyond proud to be your daughter.

And of course, thank you...


Karena said...

Bella, our father's are so special, very poignant memories, I loved reading about yours.

Giveaway is on my site I hope you will enter!

Art by Karena

Gayle said...

I can see you've been blessed with a special Dad. So much of the list rang famliar. Especialy that no one could speak to you in the morning but your Dad. Yep, my mom would attest to that at our house too. Has the 'fella' figured that out yet? : ).

Heidi Ann said...

I am enjoying reading Father's Day posts today, including yours.
Very sweet.

Olive Cooper said...

Simply lovely...I see you cherish him...great post.~olive~

Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

What beautiful and utterly heartfelt words. You're so lucky to have a daddy.

Becky @ The Cozy Girl said...

Awwww! I bet he cried a little bit when he read this. Hope you guys had a fab day! LOVE your cute Wednesday outfits, can't wait to see the ross dresses!


beck said...

Love this post, thanks for sharing these gorgeous memories of your dad xo

Glenda... said...

Gosh Bella, he sounds like a great are very blessed to have such a man to call Dad.

traci said...

sweet post kim. hope your father had a wonderful day. we had a vega when i was young too. i think it was orange.

marge said...

wonderful. aren't our daddies great?

Low Tide High Style said...

What a great post, and so many of those things reminded me of my own father! I hope your dad had a wonderful day!

Kat :)

Country Girl said...

* smiles *

i miss mine.