Monday, April 12, 2010

Make a wish

With closed eyes and a deep breath I bet I have scattered millions of these. Wishes carried in the wind.

Dandelion Wishes

I wish I was at home on the little farm. Under the chenille spread with the fan blowing. Lazy days.

I wish I was nine again running barefoot in the yard with snakes of dirt around my neck. Blackened feet and that could run over the gravel. Riding my old bike with the banana seat. Digging in the dirt with old spoons.

I wish my toes were in the sand and my hair was in tangles from the salt air.

I wish I was sixteen and sitting in the dugout, score book in my lap. Spitting sunflower seeds. Bat and helmets at my feet.

I wish I was sitting at my cafe in Germany watching the world go by. I can picture the cakes and pastries in the shop window that overlooked the rose garden. I can smell the roses. Homesick and lovesick.

I wish I was in class again. Climbing down the stairs to the dining hall. All girls. The corner in the library. The mailbox with letters from far away. Box 736. I still remember.

I wish I was sitting somewhere, anywhere with all of you. Stories and laughter and wishes...blowing into the Spring wind.

What do you wish for?


Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

ooh! Lovely wishes, here. I wish for ... no, I think I'll keep it close to my heart this time ... Have a wonderful, wishful, week!

Life At Camellia Cottage said...

I wish the repair 'person' would hurry up and get here and tell me if my oven can be fixed or if it's a goner! I know it's not pretty, but right now it's what I wish for! Blessings, Becky

Living on the Spit said...

I love it when you are whimsical.

Diva Kreszl said...

what llovely childhood emories you evoked with this photo! I wonder how many millions of 'weeds' we helped to spread across the lawns as we wished and wished ???

Chrissykat said...

How can a "blowie" not make you smile? They are the happiest weed ever! :)

My wish for today...I wish I could hug my childhood dog, Pepe.

AngieB said...

Your writing is beautiful and compelling - thank you for taking me back to my childhood for a few precious moments!

minda_is_here said...

Wonderful post..thanks for sharing your memories and envoking my own!!

These Nine Acres said...

I wish I could cuddle in my dad's lap and hear my favorite childhood book in his booming voice again.

Country Girl said...

I wish . . . oh, I just can't say it here. But yours are so very sweet.

traci said...

what a lovely photo and post kim. i could see you in all those places and you know what - i was in some of them myself.