Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Guest Room Spring Spruce-up

I don't need a change of seasons to give me an excuse to change things up. Frankly that happens daily. But Spring certainly does give me a little bit of a nudge. Things are bright outside and that sort of seems to creep inside too.

I have a very specific budget for this process. Like- nada, zero, nothin, zilch.
So, I've been shopping my house, the attic, the kitchen, the store. You get it.

The guest room was bugging me. Yes, annoying me. Nagging me. She really wants a new coat of paint but I have not given in yet. But I did change the colors up a bit. Out with the pinks and in with the reds.

Happy sigh. Pink is a perfectly fine color, don't get me wrong, but this gal likes her red.

So, new curtains. Or. No, sew curtains.

handkerchief curtains and vintage tray

Vintage hankies layered over one of those ugly white curtain rods. Voila- new window treatments.

And I switched out the glasses on the window ledge. I adore how they catch the light.

Flowers blooming in my wonderful green chippy chair, in the form of a pillow. BellaMomma gave me that chair years ago. That pillow floats around. It's thrifted, of course.

You'll notice I am totally staying on budget. And here's more red. And green. And vintage stuff.

Dresser- Kept in store by BellaMomma. Stolen and painted green. Free.
Mirror- Thrifted last year for .50
Lamp- Stolen from BellaMomma. It belonged to my Aunt Louise.
Gosh, it's so easy to stay on budget.

Just a little corner of my world right now. Hope you enjoyed it. More corners of the little farm coming up soon.

Tell me, do you change things up for Spring or daily like me? Or do I even need to ask?


LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

Love it!

marge said...

Love it! I just recently realized you don't need to have the same stuff out all the time. Rotation is my favorite thing! I know I'm behind the curve. ;)

Amanda Jo said...

I love all of your stuff!!! I am especially in love with your cross stitched piece!! It is my favorite! I love stitchings like that - sassy but classic. You almost don't expect it! Thanks for sharing your home with all us bloggers!

Chrissykat said...

The valance of hankies is just precious. That window is smiling. :)

Leslie said...

Such wonderful treasures. And great idea for all my vintage hankies!

Diva Kreszl said...

It's all so lovely! amazing what we can find around our homes, just putting them in a new location can make all the difference :)

Theresa said...

Oh I love it there and could just sit and visit for hours:) Love the hanky valance best! Hugs!

Nola @ the Alamo said...

I wanna go shop BellaMama's house! The vintage hankies over the curtain rod are beautiful! Since I don't sew very well, it's right up my alley.

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

I just love your guest room....can I book a stay? I just love all of your sweet little finds, especially the sweet curtain you made of handkerchiefs!

Apron Thrift Girl said...

I love how you added the prices at the end and how affordable everything was. I change things all the time. I love change. Even as a young girl I used to change my room around often.

Country Girl said...

That little window treatment is absolutely adorable. Love it! And hey, your lovely BellaMomma wrote me the sweetest comment several weeks ago but I couldn't comment back to her because it came up no-reply. Please tell her thanks from me.

And that little saying on the needlepoint? Excellent.

Low Tide High Style said...

I love your vintage hankie window treatment! And I adore your vintage glasses, my grandmother had those same daisy glasses! We drank our fair share of iced tea and lemonade from those sweet glasses while sitting on their side porch!

Kat :)

Cozy Little House said...

Oh, you know this girl loves her red! You can't even see the curtain rod. What a fabulous idea! It all looks so pretty. I've been poofing things around here too. Something must be in the air...

traci said...

oh my gosh. i love the hankies as curtains. adorable. i just love the makeover - especially cuz is cost next to nothing. yes!!

Kathie Truitt said...

I'm sorry I really didn't notice your things. I was too busy looking out the windows and what I am sure you marvel at every single day. The beautiful lush, green Virginia countryside. ((sigh)).
Okay. Now I'll go back and see the 're-do's'.

The only thing I change seasonally are dishes.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so fresh & the vintage hankie valance & the colors of the dresser, mirror and corner shelf...the combo really works. I need to get some new curtain rods hung (yea, the old metals ones are finally gone!) now that I gave one bedroom a fresh coat of paint & thrifted furniture needing fresh coats of pretty color...hmmm, I really like that shade of green on your dresser. :)

Amy said...

oh my... L O V E

You have a beautiful style! It is just so effortless. Like you didn't even try to make it look so fabulous. I have to tell you I am going to steal your vintage hankies idea. I have tons and tons of them... Couldn't in the world think Of what I should do with them. I will do it then link this blog page to mine. Thanks for the ideas! Your Fabulous.


So cute!!! I have 2 of those same trays!

♥Linsey at Farmhouse Porch