Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday best

As I sit here this morning the fog is lifting- both outside and in my head. It's wet and dreary and I suppose a good time for sleeping in. I just can't sleep my weekends away, though. Or any other day, really. I'm at my best in the morning.

I've been outside to feed the birds. I took the trash out. I'm even taunting Mother Nature with some stuff out on the clothesline.

I'm hoping she's just sleeping in and will soon wake up with her Sunday best- blue skies and sunshine. I have flowers to plant and things to spray paint.


glimpse of my world said...

Glad you are back... I have missed you!! And the entries on what you wore this week!! I love those!! Great hints for someone who does not give fashion alot of time and energy!! Hugs dear and happy day!

traci said...

i hope it ends up being a beautiful day in your neck of the woods. it is sunny and warm here already. supposed to get in the 80's. crazy. i am going to enjoy every minute. have a great one.

Laurie at Turner Farm said...

Yes, we're glad you're back!!! Love the post and I too am best in the morning. Hope you're enjoying a beautiful Sunday.

Kim's Treasures said...

Spring is sure taking it's sweet old time this year, isn't it? Yesterday was beautiful and today much cooler again. Ready for the warm days to stay!

Hope you're doing well!!!


Farmchick said...

Hope you had a wonderful spring day!! Not fair that you can even think about planting flowers yet. :) Living farther north I have a little more time to wait!! Come say hi!

Theresa said...

Beautiful morning, clothes on the line and sunshine to dry them... AWESOME!

Have a blessed Easter! HUGS!

RSA Now said...

Oh gosh I can NEVER get out of bed when the weather is like that, it's like nature is TELLING me to sleep in :)

Rose said...

Seems to love gardening ! Wow! Given a chance I too would love to have a garden of my own:) Mother nature is beautiful!
Your Garden Personality
Which type of garden goes with your personality?

Georgia Girl said...

missing you...when u coming back again

Anonymous said...

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Earplugs said...

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Hope you made it one of the best sunday.

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