Wednesday, March 9, 2011


It seems funny to be writing about sunlight on a day that is so dark I've thought it was bedtime since I got up.

It seems funny because I'm sort of twisted and love cloudy days. Sometimes I prefer them.

Funny because you generally need a flashlight to get around my house or office or anywhere you find me spending large amounts of time. I'm not a fan of overhead lighting and fluorescent light generally sends me into convulsions.


But Spring means that extra hour....and then two or three after I get home. I witness the flaming sky and fleeting sun but not through my dirty windshield. I get to be me when I get home. Playing in the yard. Taking clothes off the line. Pulling weeds. Taking pictures.

I get to do the things that I desire...that pile up after a long day of being stuck behind a desk. After the long commute the little farm is still awake and waiting for me.

I'm ready to Spring forward.
Are you?


Theresa said...

I am ready for Springtime and that extra hour of Sunlight! I love the natural light:) Your sun pictures are gorgeous!

Have a blessed evening my friend, HUGS!

Farmchick said...

Beautiful pics of the sunlight. I am really looking forward to that extra hour of light with the coming spring.

traci said...

i love sunlight. i am so looking foward to and extra hour of it in the evenings.

Olive Cooper said...

I am ready for warmth and SUN!

Laurie at Turner Farm said...

Beautiful photos ~ I agree. Fluorescent lighting gives me headaches. Love Natural light, designed the house so minimal lighting is required. Although, Mr. Norm loves designing the lighting so we have many hidden, just not required.... So happy to see you back. You were missed

Ashley said...

Beautiful picts. I am not ready to lose an hour of sleep, haha

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Oh. I. Am. So. Ready.

More snow and ice and wind here today...March needs to straighten its act up! Haha!

I just love the longer days, I can get so much more accomplished. And I know you love being able to be outside when you get home from being at work all day, my husband does, too. He hates when he leaves in the dark and comes back home in the dark in the winter.

I hope you enjoy your weekend!

missythepoo99 said...

I love your blog and am so glad to see you back!

Kathie Truitt said...

I'm so glad your back.

Cher' Shots said...

Beautiful sun shots! I'm sooooo ready for spring! We still have snow on the ground but at least the sun is tossing out some warm rays.
'hugs from afar'