Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Feels good

I felt like I was wearing the same outfit every single day. Logging on here was like walking into a room that was way overdue for my typical move this, move that overhaul. I was itching to move things around. So I did.

And now it's a happy sigh to walk into my little corner of this blog universe. It feels good. I hope you like it too.

I wrote a press release today for work. And it wasn't lost on me that I can actually say that I went to school for this. I usually say that sarcastically while rolling my eyes and pulling out my hair over yet another mail merge. Not one single Communications professor of mine ever said a word about name tags. Then again, I think we might have all changed majors.

Today felt good. I liked seeing my name next to the word CONTACT. I like saying I'm in charge. If you know me, this is not news to you.

I was standing in line at the grocery store the other night and the lady in front of me asked to use my discount card. I obliged of course. Two words- cheaper gas. She then turned to look me up and down and announced that I looked like the AFTER on one of those makeover shows. I laughed. What an interesting choice for a compliment. That was a compliment, right?

I wondered if she has glimpsed a bit of BEFORE in my bathroom mirror. But I left the store smiling and it felt good.

I have one of my favorites sayings up on my banner now....
because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing.
And life feels so good.

A bit random today, I know.
But random feels good.


Theresa said...

I LOVE you new blog design! I almost didn't recognize you:) That was a sweet compliment the lady gave you! I bet you looked lovely!

Have a blessed day and YES... Life is pretty amazing! HUGS!

glenda said...

I love the new look of your blog.
I'ts wonderful and light and more like the sweet heart you have.
I've been missing you, tho.
all the best...

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I so 'feel you' on doing a job that you went to school for. I'm in PR and half of my job is totally not PR. ;) But, I guess it kinda is, too.

I love that compliment and am totally going to use it on someone.

traci said...

the new blog design is amazing. i love it. did you do it yourself. if so, great job. i love random. this post was right up my alley.

Cheyenne said...

Oh, just reading this feels good! Thank you! Blog looks FANTASTIC!

Chrissykat said...

Yay, love the new vibe! I think that compliment was very sweet...bet you were wearing one of your totally cute-bargain-queen-stylish-outfits!!!
Peace, C~

Olive Cooper said...

The blog is very lovely...not to slick...just right...still you. ♥O

Jemm said...

Love the new look! I'd love to make a big change too, but I have now idea how.

Marlene said...

Looking good Hawt stuff!!

Random is always good.


Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

The redesign looks terrific! And I love random!

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This blog makes us to feel good too. :)