Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Amnesia

Christmas has thrown up all over my living room. That image ain't exactly pretty...and well, neither is the little farm at the moment.

There are legions of nutcrackers not yet in formation. There are boxes that I will open with more anticipation and surprise than those that find their way under the tree. I swear I have some sort of Christmas decoration amnesia.

The Fella does. I know this because of the conversation we have every year. And by conversation I'm referring to him standing at the bottom of the attic ladder repeating-

This better be the last one.

Thank goodness he can't see me standing at the top of the ladder. I'm pretty sure I'm wearing an expression that screams one of those fiber optic trees at the CVS register would look really good with my bowl of festive Hershey kisses.

I opened one box last night and admired the adorable little mouse ornament perched on top. Of course I wasn't surprised when I didn't remember buying the little guy.

And then he ran out of the box. Eek.
Good thing we have six cats....who don't know a darn thing 'bout catching mice.

It's a good thing I'll forget about all of this before next year comes around.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Country Girl said...

Eeeek! I don't like that mouse ornament! Our cat doesn't go after the mice, either and prefers the birds at the outside feeder (bee-atch).

Enjoy your decorating!

Denise said...

i suffer from christmas amnesia too, but in that i can't recall where everything goes up, and when christmas is done i can't recall where everything that came down to make room for christmas went.
last year i started taking pix of christmas before and afters to help remedy my problem.

as for the mouse (chills), had there been one in boxes of christmas treasures i would have had a christmas stroke!

Olive Cooper said...

Your mama is rocking Kim. Since this is my first Christmas decorating our yellow house I suddenly realised I do not have enough ornaments or other decorations. Joe just does not get it. He will be all right. Eventually. Now you get that farmhouse decorated! hugs♥O

Theresa said...

EEEEEKKKKKK! I only do stuffed mice:) Hope you find the little skeester! Have a wonderful evening with all of those decorations! We have an attic and WAY too many decorations:) but love them all!


Kim's Treasures said...

I know how you feel! I feel that way every year! I'm so glad the boxes are put away right now and I only had to decorate a tiny apartment!

Today, the wrapping paper exploded all over the place as I wrapped gifts that need to be mailed (nearly everything!) asap! I'm pooped out...take out sounds good right about now!

Good luck making the farm pretty! : )

Kim V

Diva Kreszl said...

well you just had me rolling on the floor with laughter! first all the boxes (my husband & I have the same converstion every year) and then your little Christmas mouse! too cute :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Now THAT was funny! Can't wait to see it all done. At first I thought you were moving...then I remembered my stacks of boxes...
Mice. Cute in cages running around..but that's about it for me~!!
Merry Christmas!

Dena said...

I had both my son and hubby pulling box after box down from the attic for me last week and it was exactly the same over here! The groans and grumbles but they do love the end results. I offered to scale it back this year...they wouldn't have it. So Christmas threw up here too!


from me to thee......... said...

I am 54 years young and every year I promise to organize Christmas....not happened yet!!! Mice, scared to death of them !!!! Take a deep breath, start pulling things out of boxes and it will be beautiful...smiles, Linda

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

:) those words sound very familiar to me... except with me it was Santa that did the deed.
It all got done and I bet by now your's is completed and looking wonderful..and cozy and all Christmasy.
You must share how it all turned out!

Anonymous said...

What happened to your funny Bellamomma's post? I wanted to show it to my mother-in-law. LOL. It reminded me of our own happy family holiday times. LOL....We had some people we wanted to shove into boxes too...Holiday Cheers to you Della!

-Farmgal Rebekah Grace

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing the link - but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at have a mirror or another source?