Thursday, October 7, 2010


Wallflowers- plates & trays

Just some little farm pretties to make you smile today. I think we all have alot to smile about. After all- the weekend is almost here.


Kim's Treasures said...

Pretty plates! Thank goodness the weekend is almost here! It's been a long week, not bad, just long!

Have a great weekend!!!


Country Girl said...

Did somebody say weekend? I'm all over that!!

Theresa said...

Pretties to smile about... for sure! Enjoy your weekend my friend! HUGS!

Denise said...


these would make my wall vary happy. :-)

Suzanne said...

I love the Blue Willow best of all. Did you know that it came in pink? Yes, my grandmother had Pink Willow dinnerware.

You find the greatest treasures.