Saturday, August 28, 2010

Old Navy Coupon- Don't miss out!

Hi guys- just popping in for a few minutes to let you know about a great deal at Old Navy and a few other stores this weekend.

It's a coupon for 30% off!

Get it HERE at one of my favorite coupon sites

Right now Old Navy has their flip flops BOGO! Yes- you heard me right- you can get two flops for $3.50 plus 30% off of that. I found t-shirts marked down to $3 as well.

Just print the coupon and you can use it as many times as you want today and tomorrow. It's good at Gap and Banana Republic too.

Happy shopping.
And scroll down and check out my wonderful quilt find if you didn't see it yesterday. It's a dream.


Anonymous said...

Cool website, I hadn't come across before during my searches!
Continue the great work!

Denise said...

i saw this post, and thought i should print that up, then i thought i won't be at an o.n. this weekend. guess who went to an o.n. to buy her boy jeans without this coupon!? me.
i will take your advice next time.