Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Life happens

It was Sunday morning. The rain had finished earlier but drops still plummeted to the ground- flung by the wind. I imagine the road was still a little wet.

We were outside. I'm not sure what we were talking about. Just minutes earlier he was making fun of my attire- the polka dotted boots, cut off sweats, and turquoise cardigan. I'd later be elated that I bothered to put on a bra.

Then squealing tires. Screeching brakes trying to grab the road. Running. The slow sound of bouncing, crumbling metal. Over and then over and then silence. And then yelling- me and the Fella.

The Fella- Your cell is by the TV.
Running. Through the house- in the backdoor and out the front.
911- send.
Hopping a fence.
No one is answering. No one is answering! I screamed.
Me- Why is he standing by the road? Why? No.

The truck was empty. Still running. Frozen in time. Pointed in the other direction as if it wanted to drive back in time. Turn around and go back to where it came from. It wanted to slow down. To know about the curve.

He was laying by the road. The driver. Much like the animals you see and wonder why they were trying to cross in the first place.

He moaned. He moved. Oh thank god he moved. But he had to stay still. He repeated his phone number and he wanted his mom. Of course.

Then the helping hands of neighbors, and sirens, curious onlookers and silent prayers.

The helicopter landed in the cow pasture across the road.

And then it was over. Had it really happened?

We live on a straight stretch of road that lies quietly between two tricky curves. Two possibly devastating curves. We hear the desperate tires all the time. The brakes and the speed. The flashing lights break up the deep darkness of the country some nights. I've called my neighbor more than once to tell him his fence is down again.

This was the first time it was our problem. For just a few moments in time it was ours. He was ours. For just a split second. He's a 19 year old kid with a broken back, ruptured spleen. Gashes and road rash.

To say he is lucky seems, well, not the right thing to say. He is. He's alive. He has his life. I wonder what he will do with it.

I hope he will slow down.
I hope he will wear his seat belt.
Just slow down.

I don't know him. I doubt I ever will. He has our number. I gave that to his mom when I spoke to her on Monday. I sent her the pictures. Once he wasn't ours- I sought out my camera. But I'm not showing those. I think those belong to him.

So, if you wonder where I disappeared to- that's where we've been. We've been with him. And we've been thanking Him. Life happens, doesn't it? It just happens.


Rambling Girl said...

Lifting the young man up in prayers and also you all for just seeing this happen. I know how hard this must have been and yes I agree I think you are really a kind person not to show aweful pics like that.

Please keep us posted on how he is doing as the days go by.

Chrissykat said...

omg Kim! I have goosebumps just reading about such an awful event that you witnessed firsthand. Thank goodness you & the fella were there to assist this boy. You may never see him again but I'm quite certain he will never forget you.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

Scary how life changes in an instant. Thank goodness you were there to lend a hand!

Karen said...

What a horrible event that you became part of. I think what Stephanie wrote is so true that it is scary how fast life can change. If nothing more comes of it maybe it will make each of us slow down and remind our kids to do the same.

We have no idea how we touch each others lives, or what differences we might make. I think no matter what you touch this young mans life, thank god you were there.

Hugs Karen

Lauren said...

Oh I know how scary that is! A few months ago, at 3:30 we jumped out of bed because we hear a loud crash, yelled into the darkness..nothing. Then we thought we heard crying, and my heart sank. As I am dialing 911 a woman and her 4yr old daughter, both covered in blood, run to my porch. She flipped her Jeep twice, and landed it on it's side, how she got them out I don't know. But for days I just couldn't believe that had happened to us.

Theresa said...

Omg, I am glad that you were there to help this young fella! It could have turned out oh so differently! Praise God that he made it and will do something special with the life he has now!


Hartwood Roses said...

You and I live in the exact same place on a similar road in different counties ... a straight stretch of road between two innocent-looking curves. Guests know they've arrived when they see the skidmarks on the road in front of our house. We had our own "him" a few months ago ... a young man whose car landed upside down across the road after he misjudged one of the curves. We were shaken, just the way you were. Our young man survived, but we know no more than that. I hope he slows down in the future. I hope your young man will be okay.


Olive Cooper said...

Oh Kim, how devestating for this young man and his family. I will pray. Some call us loons as our 18 yr. old daughter does not have her license yet. She has her learners and is still learning. I think kids get in too many accidents and it is very scary as you have well said. hugs♥olive

teedle. said...

It all can happen in a blink of an eye...

Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

I was simply riveted to your words! You have such a compelling way of telling things. A lucky young man to have nice people who stopped to help. A lucky young man indeed.

Country Girl said...

Although this is a very scary thing to have happened, the way you told it was mesmerizing. You've got a way with words, girl.

Cathy Cobblestone said...

I'm so sorry you had to experience this and I'm terribly sorry for the young man. I pray he recovers completely. Sadly, I can identify with you completely - 3:30in the morning on Sept. 6 of last year a 19 year old boy was killed right in front of our home. We were the first there, the first to find him, the heartbreak of speaking with his family. It was awful. But just like his family told us - "thank you - thank you for being with him - for trying to comfort him" - and well, I'm sure this boys family thanks you too. Those images will always stick with you - praying for you all too.

Lallee said...

Something like that really shakes you up. I'm glad you were able to be by his side. I remember being the mom receiving one of those calls. Car driven into tree, broken leg, jaws of life to remove, helicopter ride. Years have passed, all is very well. But you NEVER forget.

Dena said...

Goosebumps. I can't shake them. I'm glad that you and the Fella were there for him. I'm also riveted by your writing style. That seems a tad inappropriate to mention in light of the gravity of the story here...but sincerely, I am very impressed. If you wrote fiction, I would be glued.


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

this is such a moving post! i can so relate - almost in a raw sort of way. thank GOD that you guys were there for that young man! i pray that news will be good for his recovery. man, kids are sometimes so inexperienced when it comes to driving.


Anonymous said...

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Jackie said...

This is haunting and life-changing for everyone involved. Makes one think about the really important things in life. I'm so glad you were there...You were probably supposed to be. Prayers going up for all you.


texassky said...

My mother had an asthma attack late one night as we were coming back from the beach. That country home with very little furniture but somehow a CB radio and a phone. The images, the darkness that tried to swallow us but failed. A very old man offered his breathing apparatus to my mother while we waited for the ambulance still 15 minutes out. Can you imagine what he gave her in the moment? I can't grasp such generosity. He was brought by God to be my mother's saviour in that moment. I will never forget his generosity. His humble grace for our thankfulness. My mother is still alive today! So VERY alive!! Thank you for helping that boy.

Denise said...


first, i can't believe i am just reading this.

i knew the post was leading to an emergency when you mentioned you'd being "elated later that you'd bothered to put on a bra."

i pray that God is merciful to him, heals, shows himself to, provides, and lavishes his love on him.

may God continue to be glorified through you.

tammyCA said...

I hope he does slow down and realize he was given a second chance. Maybe, he will visit your blog and see what that "slowing down" and savoring the little things is what life is all about.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

OMG! This brought back such memories...yes...I know..I have been in your place once. I hope never again.
It made my heart pound just running in deep sand...yes..I remember!!!