Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How Bella Got Her Groove Back

Posted for What I Wore Wednesday at The Pleated Poppy.

Ok. This is a post that takes place on Wednesday. It is not literally what I wore on Wednesday. But a Wednesday outfit might be included. This week, it's not.

Is everyone with me? BellaMomma?

Ok- so I hardly consider myself stylish. But there was a time when I was fearless with my wardrobe. College. During my time in Colorado Springs at the University of Colorado I headed to class in homemade denim skirts (from old men's Levi's) and vintage leather jackets and even hats. Oh, and boots of course. I thrifted for clothes like a madwoman and was totally drawn to the vintage stuff. And I wore it.

Then I graduated and moved back to Virginia.
Got a job.
Bought lots of black pants.

Then I started blogging. And I quickly noticed all the fabulous women wearing fabulous things. Things that tugged at my heart strings. They had style. They had boots. They mixed black and brown. I know.

It was me. It was the old me.

I came out of my fashion closet. Or rather, I'm coming out. And that pun was totally intended.

This outfit makes me smile.
I mixed brown and black.
I found the perfect boots and I will share that journey with you soon.
I mixed a patterned sweater with a textured shirt. I know.
Skinny jeans.

What I'm Wearing 5-28-10

Sweater- Target. You've probably seen this sweater all over the place. It has really cool white button like thingies sewn on the front and washes really well. Jeans- Ross. And it goes without saying that they have stretch in them. ALL jeans should have a little give...and take.

And now we have the boots with a fun Summer dress. You go girl.

What I'm Wearing 5-29-10

And more free shoes. With twinkles and shiny things.

What I'm Wearing 5-30-10

Free. I had another $10 giftcard for Famous Footwear and you guessed it these were on sale for $10. Now get this. These are Steve Madden and were orginally $49.99. Um- what? (If I could insert that Scooby Doo sound here I totally would.)

I think $4.99 is too much to pay for flops. Some poor soul paid $50 for flops. If that person was you, I'm sorry. But you really should get some help. I'm praying for you. And I'm hoping you find an Old Navy- 2/$5.

I'm back. All it took was a mirror and some not so great self-portraits. Oh- and those boots. And I've got my groove back.


Hartwood Roses said...

I thought I was gonna choke when you said $50 flip flops! What has this world come to?

traci said...

look at you girl. how cute and groovy. love those boots. my closet needs a huge overhaul.

Diva Kreszl said...

love the wardrobe!!! thrifty shopping makes for the best finds, I'm with you girl :)

Olive Cooper said...

Yep, you got the groove!


Deep in the Heart of Happy said...

You would look beautiful in a paper bag, but I love how you are styling!!! Go, you!

marge said...

i love that dress more than words can say.

Lisa said...

hahaha I think you cleared it up. You look great. Some day I will be more fashionable. I will. I will. I'm getting me some boots. I really am. I told hubby already.

Lauren said...

Fabulous! With those color boots, black works perfect! I've been searching for some brown boots that can do that!

Country Girl said...

I was not aware that your groove had ever left.
You look mahvelous!

glenda said...

You look positively groovy...
I love all the outfits...

C. Dianne Zweig said...


kitsch n stuff

ain't for city gals said...

I'm with you on this...I want to be stylish one more time in my life...I'm working on it!

Jackie said...

You are totally inspiring me to get my groove back too. I used to dress really funky back in the day too and when did I stop doing that? Love these posts with your outfits.


G said...

Heck Yes you did!! Looks hot, and I totally know what you mean about once having no fear. Whoot for you!! Go with it and don't turn back!