Thursday, April 22, 2010

Funny farm

I sort of giggle to myself when I use the word farm to describe our home. It might be a bit of a stretch. Or maybe not. These days it feels more like the funny farm than a real farm. So I was thinking about all of this and here is some stuff I came up with.

Please note~
We grow more weeds than crops.
And by crops I mean corn, beans, tomatoes and cukes.
We have no farm animals.
Pretending to own the neighbor's cows does not count.
We do not own a tractor.
But the Fella does look cute on his John Deere.

Cows out front...that aren't mine

But on the other hand~
I've been known to parade around the yard in my overalls.
And cowboy boots.
We have a garden and it's in front of a barn.
We own a barn.
And a chicken coop. No chickens.
Our little place was a farm in its former life.
We have all the old fence posts to prove it.
And a bucket called the "Calf-teria."
That I use as a planter. Found it in the cellar.
We have a cellar.
And I have a questionable star made out of tobacco sticks.
On the front porch.
And I know what tobacco sticks are.
And whippoorwills.
And I love the smell of tractor fuel.

Calf-Teria planter


And we definitely live in the country~
In a county that has one stop light.
And one grocery store.
And a small newspaper.
That made the recent MISTAKE of telling me about bear sightings.
In the neighboring county.
To which the Fella says-
Well you wanted to live in the country. True.
Our county has more cows than people.
And they make great neighbors.
The cows, that is.

I bet by now you are leaning towards that whole funny farm thing. I warned you earlier that I was a bit discombobulated. I'm embracing it.


Kim's Treasures said...

Love this post!!! :-D

Rachel Lynn said...

Ohh how I miss living on a farm. It's so much different in an apartment.

Glenda said...

Sounds absolutely divine...or is it bovine..either way,I love farm life, and nature.
Love your blog..

Diva Kreszl said...

I love your little farm! It all sounds and looks heavenly...I definitely think if the cows are that close you can claim ownership :)

Cozy Little House said...

I'm so very glad you embrace it! For your writing and photos just get better and better! You are embracing your self and expressing your sweet nature.

Denise said...

I love the sound of your 'funny farm' :-)

Farmchick said...

LOL! This sounds like my farm. Ok, except that I have a few real cows! All of the chickens were eaten by a varmit and coyotes howl in our woods during the night. Our county has two stoplights, an old town square and many quirky characters. I do love it and understand how you love yours!

ChristineM said...

Great post! I love your farm, whatever kind it is!

Low Tide High Style said...

Sounds like a farm to me! And cows do make wonderful neighbors! I love the thought of a calf-teria and we've had a bear sighting too...yikes! I know what tobacco sticks are, and they make very cool stars, you'll soon be seeing all of the big designers using them! Life in the country, well it just doesn't get any better than that!

Kat :)

Sue said...

I agree, your posts and images express your love of your 'farm', and funny is a great way to describe it! It looks very special,so why not embrace it, it is your home!

Kathie Truitt said...

It's okay to legitimitally call yourself a 'farm.' I'll even go one step further and tell you that it's an 'adorable farm.'

deb said...

I would give anything to live where you live......but Im stuck here in cali....and the closest thing I have to a farm is a cowbell..........

AngieB said...

Dang, now I'm feeling all envious of your chicken coop. I've always wanted to keep chickens. We had cattle when I was growing up and it is all kinds of fun to bottle feed the calves, but they get pretty dull after that (until you get to the "steak on the grill" part). I sent a picture of your tobacco stick star to my dad but he's ignoring me. I think he just doesn't want to go root around in the old barn - hmph.

Nina Diane said...

a great post!

Farmchick said...

Cute post... :) Hope you are having a great sunday...and I hope can stop over and visit MY farm soon. :)

traci said...

i love your little farm. with livestock comes lots of chores. so just enjoy the neighbors cows from afar. much less work. you live in my kind of country. one stoplight makes my heart sing. thanks for starting my day at your beautiful piece of heaven.

Trish @TheOldPostRoad said...

Great photos - enjoy the country life!

Gracefully Vintage said...

Your too cute- love the post-and the BLOG, i so agree- i can blog for hours- i love the feeling of having friends all over-and friends that all love what you love as well.
Following you i will do my new found blog friend..
Love the farm-& love the pic's/

Cheyenne said...

You're hilarious!

Denise said...

your blog is just delightful.
we do not live on a farm, but we do have cows as neighbors. it's hard to enjoy tri-tip or a burger when dinners relatives are near by :-)

i think i need to come visit you, attack whatever thrift stores your finding all those great dresses and skirts at! and have you help me conquer my fear of belts. your w.i.w.w. are GREAT!

btw- saw the post where your washer is in the kitchen (lead me here). you make it work. and there is convenience in having the washer near by when a food stain occurs.