Friday, February 19, 2010

I feel lighter...

Have you noticed it yet? I saw it last night when I was about to cook dinner. The clock on the stove said 6:07pm. It startled me and I ran to get my camera.

longer days

Do you see it?
A sunset after I get home from work.
More time.

longer days- sunset

It sneaks up on me every year. The days get longer second by second and I don't notice. And now that I do I will squeeze those seconds- wring and twist my day so that every bit of it is mine when I get home.

A walk with the dogs in the back pasture.
Sweeping the porch.
A few moments longer in the car watching the sun slip below the horizon.
Suppers made in my dimly lit kitchen.
Standing at the sink looking over at the store.

longer days

I do feel lighter.


Diva Kreszl said...

oh yes, I have just recently noticed the days getting longer and it does make me feel so much better!!! I need the daylight, I was starting to feel a tad moldy :)
I love your green bowl, I collect green bowls and have been showing some of my other things on my blog recently, nothing beats the thrill of finding a the perfect item at a thrift shop!

Linda said...

I noticed it too. Seems like this has been a short 'dark season' this year. I know that doesn't make sense. I'm so happy to get home and be able to walk the dog in the daylight.

Life At Camellia Cottage said...

I noticed it on Sunday. We had been out riding in the N. GA mountains to see the snow that remained up there, then got home and I got busy doing something, and I looked up and it was still light, and I looked at the clock - after 6 pm, how could it be??? Can't wait until it's dark until 9!

CACHANILLA73 said...

YES!! and it is exciting, soon the flowers will be blooming and we'll be out of snow. Yeaaahhhh!!!!

traci said...

i noticed that too the other night. puts a spring in my step. we are all getting antsy for spring arent we?

Theresa said...

It is wonderful to see that daylight staying longer in the evening. It means Spring will be here soon. Enjoy your extra daylight my friend!

Susan S. said...

I HAVE noticed more light. When I walk out of the office and it's SOMETIMES still light when I get home from work...WOOHOOO!!!

Happy Weekend!

Susan S. said...

I HAVE noticed more light. When I walk out of the office and it's SOMETIMES still light when I get home from work...WOOHOOO!!!

Happy Weekend!

marge said...

makes me a little excited for summer bbq's outside. we've still got a long way to go...but it's something.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

I love those days when you first notice it getting lighter out. It lightens the heart, doesn't it?
Have a great weekend.

Empty Nest Full Life said...

I have noticed the days being longer, and when it is as cold and rainy as it has been a little longer light, and being able to watch the sunset is a blessing. Jackie

glenda said...

I do so love your little farm..
It is good when the days start getting longer, and we have more light in the evenings.
I really like the star in the window, that is such a sweet touch. I have been redoing my kitchen the last few weeks, getting ready for a yard sale,, and it looks like a bomb went off in there...gotta get it finished this weekend, then I am going to hang a little star in the window to celebrate...
very nice post,

Suzanne said...

Yes, it's so welcome. It's so depressing when you go to work in the dark and return in the dark. Can you imagine how hard it is to live in the arctic circle?

- Suzanne

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh I know! I've been noticing it too! Love it! It has been GORGEOUS here all weekend and it just makes me so happy!

As does an early morning Target run where Valentine's stuff was NINETY PERCENT OFF! I bought a TON of stuff for < $2! The girl at the register was like "ummm, I'm going to have to get over there!"

Hope you've having a deLIGHTful weekend ; )


P.S. Hi Bella Mama! Thanks for your sweet comment!

Oz Girl said...

Yes, I noticed it this past weekend, and so looked at the calendar to see how far away our daylight savings time change is... lo and behold, it's March 14, only 2 and a half weeks away... woo hoo! I can't wait. ;-)