Friday, January 29, 2010

When it snows in Richmond, Virginia

The snow is on it's way folks. Lots of it. The Fella and I stood in line last night at Home Depot with a shiny new shovel in hand. I don't know why we've never purchased a snow shovel until now. But we hadn't. We were in good company- apparently no one else had either.

Snow causes a little bit of a freak out in my part of the country. And I can't describe it any better than this article from

Please read for a good laugh and I am sorry to tell you- it's sad but very true...

We who call Richmond home all-out lose our minds. In the case of this snow, it happens like this:

Tuesday morning: The word "accumulation" is used.

Tuesday afternoon: Accumulation confirmed. All weekend plans put on stand-by or out-right canceled.

Tuesday evening: First trip to supermarket for bread, milk, wine, beer and cookie dough.

Wednesday morning / afternoon: Calls around town for sleds begin (for the record, is one step ahead. No one has them; Pleasant's is expecting a shipment on Friday).

Wednesday evening: Local news does a story about the run on supermarkets for bread and milk. Second trip to supermarket for extra bread and milk, plus frozen pizzas and non-perishables, because you never know.

Thursday morning / afternoon: Spend workday obsessively checking the forecast. More calls for sleds. Search online for sleds, but decide against them because you can't believe how much sleds actually cost.

Thursday evening: Meet friends out for drinks or dinner because you never know when you'll get out again. Realize you forgot to buy bagels. How could you forget bagels? Third trip to supermarket.

Friday morning: Alternate staring out window for snow and consulting forecast for exact snow start time. Cancel the rest of weekend plans.

Friday afternoon: reports that it is snowing in your area. Run to window. Spend at least one hour yelling at because it is clearly not snowing. Ask boss about company inclement weather policy. Complain about said policy. Wait an hour; ask boss if company is closing early.

Friday evening: Fourth trip to supermarket on the way home for last-minute necessities, like chocolate and fancy hot cocoa. Alternate staring out window and watching local news for exact snow start time. Watch the Closings scroll to see if your work is closed on Monday, because you never know.

Friday night: Snow finally begins. Call/text all of your friends and family to see if it's snowing in their area and to make sure they're OK in the storm. Update Facebook status to reflect snowfall in case you missed anyone. Order pizza so you don't have to break into rations too soon.

Saturday morning: Marvel at snowfall. Fling pets / children into the snow so they can marvel and so you have pictures for your Facebook page. (Or Blog in my case)

Saturday afternoon: Drive or trudge to nearest hill and attempt to sled on a cookie sheet/shower curtain/trashcan lid/pool float.

Saturday evening: Meet friends for out for drinks or dinner to celebrate snow.

Sunday: Eat leftover pizza and stare out window, watching snow melt. Obsessively watch Closings list. Feel happy when the county you once lived in announces closing and then sad because you never became a teacher and now you have to go out, clean off the car and then go to work tomorrow. Plus you've got all that bread and milk to eat.

Folks, I really can't say it better than that. But I assure you I am ready. Here's what I have accumulated over the week in anticipation-

1- Bread and milk. What? I was out.

2- Magazines left in my office bathroom. Southern Livings circa 1995. Only you guys understand how happy this can make you. We have an old magazine fairy in our building. Totally better than the tooth fairy as far as I am concerned.

3- Current magazines including new Romantic Homes color edition. I might have already peaked at it last night. I'm just saying.

4- Makings for chili....lasagna....potato soup...we won't starve. And no, none of those recipes require bread or milk. OK- the soup does. Maybe I should get more.

5- Previously mentioned snow shovel.

6- New Lady Antebellum CD. Heaven.

7- New blank notebooks, colored pencils and glue sticks. This involves magazines from #2.

8- The Fella. Once the cars pull in tonight we are not leaving until it is time for work on Monday.

9- Valentine Hershey kisses...for chocolate emergencies.

10- New knee socks from Target. The Fella claimed they were sexy. I thought he was serious- although he rarely is. Oh well, he will get over it.

This is what happens when it snows in Richmond, folks. Madness ensues.

Tell me, how's the weather in your neck of the woods?


Kim's Treasures said...

LOL!!! It's heavenly sunny but freezing!!! Enjoy your snow, my son is in Oklahoma and it's snowing there too! You can all have it...I'm sooo over winter! LOL!

Lallee said...

Loved this post! Such fun. No snow out my FL window.

Diana said...

So glad I got back over here. I'm a follower already.

Love your preps for the weather--especially the chocolates!

Come see me soon.!

Rambling Girl said...

Love your post! Gotta see a pic with the socks have me laughing about that...

No snow in georgia but rain is coming our way this evening...more north sleet and rain....well I feel for you but I would love some far as getting out, I am like you staying in till Sunday morn. church and that will be all we do this weekend.

Enjoy your fun time with falla this weekend!

Nina Diane said...

haha....I posted the same article. It is so true isn't it! And I'm like you..once I arrive home from work today, I'm hunkered down for the weekend!

Theresa said...

Oh... us too! We hardly EVER get much snow! Stay safe and warm:)


Diane at Crafty Passions said...

I think you got all our snow! Usually we get tons this year not so much but it is cold , were in the middle of a deep freeze ,this morning it was minus 41 and that' IS cold!!!

Kathie Truitt said...

Stop using the 'S' word or I will stop vising your blog!! No dirty talk.
Okay, so can you tell I don't like snow? I am really crossing my fingers that we don't get it. Good grief, remember how much we got last time it snowed??? Insane! Besides, i haven't made my emergency trip to the store, yet.

Jane said...

I really enjoyed reading your post. It does make a midwestern like myself laugh although we got a bit like that ourselves when they were warning us "the big blizzard" was on it's way. Enjoy the snow.

ChristineM said...

Very funny! We have the same "gotta get bread and milk" run every time there's snow in the'd think we'd be used to it here in New England! No snow in the immediate forecast for us, but tells me it's 11 degrees F, but feels like negative 9. Brrr!

Diva Kreszl said...

thanks for sharing this very amusing story...I lived just outside of Richmond for three years and remember this well, as a NJ transplant I couldn't understand what all the fuss was about. I think having lived in Maine for three years prepared me for all types of winter weather and I still don't get the need to rush out for food and toilet paper, no one's ever been stuck inside for more than 24 hours! lol

Denise said...

I'd love to have some snow, I really would... that's probably cos I haven't seen it since we left the east coats 5 years ago! It's very windy here today, rained a lot this morning and had a huge thunderstorm last night! But it's central TX, I do believe spring will be here before we know it ;-)
Stay home, stay warm, and enjoy the weekend

traci said...

that is too funny. well, has it started yet? i love when we get snowed in. although i rarely need an excuse to stay inside. i bought the new lady antebellum cd too. it is great. that is all i have been listening too.

Farmchick said...

That's funny!! I wonder what would happen if they forecasted two feet of snow like got a month ago?? ;) Stop over for visit! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bella,

I found your blog while reading another and find it so sweet.

My daughter attends Longwood University in Farmville, VA not to far from Richmond and she is preparing herself for the snow.

You are so right on about the over thoughts people tend to get at the mention of "SNOW".

Enjoy it people! It's the weekend.

By the way, I live in Spotsylvania, Va area (Chancellorsville Battlefields) and we are getting our share as well. It is beautiful here.

Enjoy your weekend!


Thrifty Cottage Dreams said...

This is absolutely hilarious and absolutely TRUE! We are so enjoying the snow today!

Cozy Little House said...

It's cold here. Had some frozen ice outside this morning. Just sprinkles of it. This is too funny! I hail from Oklahoma, where you really do get bad weather. Here in Texas, when it rains, everyone slows their cars way down as if it's an enigma they can't figure out. Amazes me. I want to shout: Folks, it's rain!

Vintage Whimsy said...

LOL That was hilarious!! How'd you guys fair in the snow department? Have you decided to break into the rations yet?

I'm in Baltimore county and we had 7-8" of snow yesterday. They were calling for 1-3" and were clearly unprepared for the amount we received!! The roads were a horrible mess until noon today.

Jo said...

Yall are in Richmond, VA too? I saw over at Young House Love had the snow like crazy too this past weekend. I live in TX, but saw that you posted beautiful pictures!!!

glenda said...

Hi, I just adore your house and the little store. You take the most wonderful pictures of it all.
Sounds like heaven at BellaDella Farms...
thanks for sharing your world with all of us...