Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My cup runneth over

I think the old song goes something like this- my cup runneth over with love.

Mine does. Does yours?


jaditekate said...

oh yes :)

love your fire king kimberly mugs!

Theresa said...

Sure does:) Love all your mugs!

Anonymous said...

My cup runneth over but not from cups quite that pretty.


Diane at Crafty Passions said...

Oh yes my cup runneth over !!
Love the cups your using, I have so many like that from estate sales,I keep mine in boxes ... maybe I should be using them ...

Cozy Little House said...

My cup runneth over! And your mugs are oh so very cute to runneth over on!

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

My cup does run over, so much in fact, that I need those orange and green ones of yours. Please email me for my address. :-P

the wild raspberry said...


your blog looks great!
hope you've been well.