Friday, November 21, 2008

How to boil water...

The phone rings.

Me: Hello
BellaFella: Hi

Me: How is your afternoon going?
BellaFella: Um, where are the pots and pans?

Me: Um, the kitchen.
BellaFella: I hate it when you move things.

Me: I didn't move them.
BellaFella: I've looked in the pantry, the stove, all the cabinets, even the washing machine.

Me: (Huh?) Silence
BellaFella: I needed a pot to boil water for my cup-o-soup.

Me: Go stand in front of the stove.
BellaFella: Well, you have so many plates and utensils on the walls, why would I pay any attention to pots and pans hanging there too?

Me: Well, did you eat your soup?
BellaFella: No, I found the microwave and made a burrito.

Me: Love you.
BellaFella: Love you, bye


As we say in my family...if it had been a snake it would have bit ya!


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh that is so funny!

Carol said...

That is so funny, just like my husband! After 33 years of wedded bliss he still has to ask how to wash a load of towels! Got to love 'em, right? LOL

Justina said...

That is FUNNY! I LOL .. Great way to start the day. Justina

Anonymous said...

Well, like I always say... 'if it ain't one thing it's another'.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Della Hill said...

does he know you can boil water in the microwave too?
Too funny, yet sadly typical.

Carrie and Karl said...

Our family had a rule that if you couldn't find something, but Dad could then you owed him a quarter. It's amazing how much more careful we were at looking. Then again, if I tried that my husband would probably hand me a quarter and ask me to get something out, without looking himself first.

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

Too funny! I love your name for him too : )

Laura said...


Thrifty Cottage Dreams said...

This is so hilarious and typical of our situations!

Marilyn said...

What a cute post! We've lived in our home for 28 years and my DH still asks where the pans or glasses or anything simple is. It's a man thing for sure.....they just can't live without us!

Lys said...

That's hilarious!! Men *shakes head*

sigrid the shameless said...

One word. DUH!!! Bwahahahaha! What would they do without us???

mollyandmarshal said...

Hahahaha!! That's hilarious!! I love that you call him "BellaFella"!!!!

traci said...

that - is hilarious!!! totally a guy.

Predo said...

Thanks for the laugh, I needed it!