Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I promise this is not another post featuring my eight-legged friend. No, this is about our Sunday road trip. The adorable husband and I loaded up the truck and headed South, departing the little farm at 4am. After four and a half hours, one unplanned bathroom stop (sorry) and breakfast at Cracker Barrel we arrived in Charlotte. More specifically, Bank of America Stadium- home of the Carolina Panthers.

It's always fun to pull into town when you are fans of the opposing team. We are Atlanta Falcons fans and our personalized Virginia plate says so. And if that was not enough we dressed the truck up with our magnets and such. As we pulled into the parking lot folks looked at us with amusement but were super nice. We were even invited to some tailgating activities. Yes, that's southern hospitality.

We always like to arrive early and get to our seats- 4th row, 40 yard line behind Falcons bench- so we can watch warm-ups and if we are lucky grab a few autographs. And we were lucky to get a few, including team owner Arthur Blank. He was so nice and gracious. And speaking of gracious- the staff at the stadium were amazingly wonderful.

I am sad to report that we lost to the Panthers 24-9 but that didn't keep us from enjoying our day, our long day. We pulled into the old driveway around midnight.

This was my sixth NFL stadium, seventh for hubby. We hope to visit them all one day. We attend at least one Falcons game each season. Next year I predict it will not be in an open stadium in September. It was HOT, as my peeling face and scalp can attest to today. Next year we are thinking Boston or New York.

Go Falcons! We look forward to watching you this Sunday from the comfort of our couch with a big old pizza!


Living on the Spit said...

What fun is THAT. I love games up close and personal so you can hear it when they get hit hard. I am glad you guys got to go have some fun and I love Charlotte NC...did you have a barbecue?

I am sending you something today. Be on the lookout for it!!! Don't ask me what it is cuz' I am not telling!!!


Kim's Treasures said...

Looked like a nice day for football! Especially, open domed football! Great pictures!!!

So glad you had fun...enjoy your Wednesday!


mollyandmarshal said...

Yay! I'm glad Charlotte treated you well, despite the sun lashing!

Liz said...

How fun for you guys!

Big Hair Envy said...

That sure is a beautiful couple in the center photo!! It looks like you had the perfect adventure....despite the long day. I am a huge fan of tailgating. It's SO interesting to see what types of food people come up with to share!

We have always wanted to attend a Dallas/Washington game. We live about three hours (max) from DC. Unfortunately, our team hails from Dallas! It's not advisable to attend said game donning Dallas duds. Those fans are not as hospitable as those in Charlotte! We WILL get to of these days.

Lisa said...

That sure looks like fun. Great photos too.

Miss Rhea said...

How Fun !! :)

GeorgiaPeachez said...

Perfect weather in spite of the sunburn! My family is all from Georgia and I spent my earlist years in Atlanta so there is a lot of Atlanta pride around here! xo, suzy

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

What great seats! I love going to live sporting events!

Rambling Girl said...

Glad you had a great time but sorry Falcons lost! I heard on the news they seem to be doing better than most thought this year after being not so bad afterall..I am glad to see there are still fans and that the past will be the past. I do hope they get to be a good team some of the other pros around here...Go Braves...sorry had to say that...Love my Dawgs also...why don't you just join all of our georgia teams.

Anyway glad you made it home safe!

Reynie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Glad you found me!

Falcons game--so fun! It looks like you guys enjoyed yourself. My favorite part of the adventure though is Cracker Barrel. So yummy!

traci said...

that looks like it was a great time. how fun that you've been to 6 NFL stadiums. i am impressed. i have been to 1, but it wasn't for a football game - a concert. i only like football during the playoffs - then i jump on the bandwagon.