Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Be my guest...

Today we will take a peak into my guest room. It's really MY room. It's a bit on the girly side. It's all about balance. It shares a wall with the man cave. One day I will show you pictures of that. I will have to get the man's permission.

Last week I decided to move my wicker love seat in from the cold. She found a home in the little room. I dressed it up in one of my chenille bedspreads and some old pillows. Please note that the throw on the end is dark green and not black. However, upon review of these pictures it has been re-homed to the living room.

This little handmade pillow was .45 at my thrift store on Friday afternoon. I like to think some sweet old lady used to have it on her couch.

Here is my new shelf from Goodwill- $2. It was a drawer in a former life. See the handle at the top. I decided it was perfect to display the family jewels- aka my fun, vintage costume jewelry.

I mentioned that this is really my room first and a guest room second. Actually, we never have guests. I keep my little desk in here. I like to sit here and write in my daily To-Do journal or sort coupons.

Here are a few more bits from around the room. The sewing basket was another Goodwill find from last week- $2.25. Now, I just need to start sewing!

When are you guys coming to visit?


Jenn said...

Ide LOVE to come for a visit!
Your rooms are so cute, very comfy feeling!

Big Hair Envy said...

Such cute stuff! You didn't even get a close-up of the sampler and the trays. I would like to come visit just so I could go to YOUR thrift store. The ones around here are pretty crappy.

I would enjoy staying in your girlie guest room. We might have to put The Surveyor in the Man Cave. He's always afraid he will break something!! hahaha!

Living on the Spit said...

Yes, lunch together and a thrift store shop a thon!!! Let's start planning now. When are they leaves changing up there that is when I want to come. I also want to play in the old store and pretend I am Ike Godsey's wife or something.

Loved my cute as heck card...loved it and love you.


J'Ollie Primitives said...

Love the room!
I think I recognize that sampler! Is it a museum reproduction from What's Their Names? You know...those guys.
I did one for my BFF's wedding gift 20+ years ago.
Great blog, enjoying the pics!

Kim's Treasures said...

I would love to visit you!!! Another great room!!! You are good!

Kim's Treasures said...

I would love to visit you!!! Another great room!!! You are good!

serenitymeadow said...

Very pretty rooms and cozy too.

Jean said...

Don't you just love Goodwill and yard sale bargains? It makes me feel so good to display treasures I got cheap. Your room/guest room nicely displays your bargains and makes it special. Enjoy!
Jean in Virginia

Mrs. Monica Davis said...

I love taking photos of the mister thinks that it is weird that always have a camera close by. Your place is beautiful and Marlene raves about you. Hope you have a super day. Thanks for the welcome.

Mrs. B said...

Oh, how fun to have a girly room all to yourself! I'm envious! Love the vintage costume jewelry!

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

When are BHE & Marlene coming? Wade & I will come out and he can do all of our heavy lifting out of the thrift stores and tell us how hot we all look. We're on our way!

traci said...

i'll be there next week. what a cute room. you have some great little treasures in there.

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