Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Utterly Confused...

Well, if you have visited my blog today more than once (and god bless you if you have) you have probably seen it more colors than a rainbow. I decided today- the day that I had enough things to do for 10 people- to mess with the colors and layout of my blog. I still can't get it back to its original green and it is driving me insane. I even tried some free templates. Ahhh! Do any of you sweet gals have any advice? I'd love some! I really want to update the look.

Since it is 9:45 and I am still working. Yes, I said working! I have a major project at work and tonight is one my big deadlines. So, since I am still working I am going to leave you guys with a picture that makes me giggle. I posted it when I first started and no one commented on it and that left me utterly confused. I think I know you all well enough now to know that some of you have to find this funny.

Here is my utterly perfect flower pot that hangs on the fence in my backyard- much to my husband's dismay! I can't tell you what he calls it!

For those of you who are not "farmers" or up on the whole cow thing (no pun intended). This is a calf bucket. In fact, if you look very, very close you can see the name across the front- CALF-TERIA! It just cracks me up. Here's to an utterly hectic Wednesday! Is it Friday yet???

P.S. Yes, I know I am supposed to be working and not googling whether it is cow udder or utter. You say potato....I say.... Goodnight!


traci said...

you were at work really late. hope you got everything done. i love that little bucket. we used a couple of those last spring when we took care of our neighbors cattle/calfs for the week.

Laura T. said...

I found your site while on Traci's site. I love your blog and all of your pictures. I think I'll be back again.

Suzanne said...

Oh I love the's fantastic. I'm not quite sure how I found your place but when I saw the old country store I was hooked.....hook, line and sinker.

I got really tired of trying to change the look of my blog. I was doing my own heading and everything look very amateurish. I wanted to spend time writing and taking pictures and not worry about headers and stuff. ....... so I bought me a design!! I found a wonderful person, Shannon, who designs custom "block frocks". It really wasn't that expensive, she worked based on what I had in mind and voila'.

You can go over and check it out. She also has pre-made designs for sale.

I love reading your adventures!!

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

black eyed susans kitchen said...

This "flower pot" really cracked me up. You have a great sense of humor and whimsy. I will be back to read more. Susan

Thrifty Cottage Dreams said...

Oh, I remember seeing this...don't know why I didn't comment b/c it is udderly fantastic! Would love to have me one of them calf-eterias! Well, TTGG has about 75ish vendors and the CUTEST lil cafe! The original part of the store is the part to the left side. Love love her stuff, but she has more limited hours than the mall part. It would be best if you're going to visit, to go when she's open too. I think the hours are on their website! BTW, have you been to the Hanover Courthouse area before? There also is an antique store that's called Two Frogs on a Bike that is really cute and very picturesque (don't know how much longer the building will last). I should probably post a picture on my blog of it.

Kim's Treasures said...

LOL!!! I had no clue what it was when you first showed it! I had a feeling it was some sort of feeder but wasn't sure...I may have a vague recollection in my memory from visiting calves at the Armada Fair and touring dairy farms. (Hubby likes cows, hehe). It does make a great flower container! Hope you made your deadline! I am feeling way over my head too! AHHH!


Kim G said...

Not sure if this will help but I used the following link to find custom colors for my blog, you just find the code of the color you want and enter it on your design page on typepad, but I am sure blogger is similar. ok, here it goes: Let me know if this is helpful! Kim G